Women's Health:

Women's Health


Pelvic floor Physiotherapy

Anniken Chadwick: Registered Physiotherapist-  click here

Registered Massage Therapist

Ashley Reid RMT- click here

Mandy Ryan RMT- click here

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Steph Peltz- click here

Beautiful Cervix Project

Learn more about you cervix and fertility click here


Pregnancy and Postpartum

Prenatal classes:

Hypnobabies-   click  here

Dancing Star Birth-  click here

We Birth at Home-  click here

The Childbearing Society-  click here



Midwifery clinics

Westside midwives-  to learn more click here

Birth and Beyond-  to learn more click here

pregnancy and postpartum resources

Strathcona Community Midwives- click here

Pomegranate Midwives- click here

Pacific Midwifery Practice- click here

The Midwifery Group- click here

Bloom Community Midwives- click here

On the Drive Midwives- click here

South Community Birth Program- click here



Birth Takes a Village - click here

Lolli Comar- click here

Apple Blossom Families- click here

Rheja Gilchrist- click here

Dancing Star Birth- click here

Cherish Childbirth- click here

Down to Earth Birthcare- click here


Encouraging Optimal Fetal Position

Spinning Babies- click here


Learn More About the Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing

click here


Information on Induction:

From Midwifery Today- click here

WHO Recommendations for Induction of Labour- click here

Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC) Guidelines - click here


Understanding "40 at 40" To Make An Informed Decision

Why induction is offered to women over 40 years old at 40 weeks- click here

Further research - click here

Further research - click here

Further research- click here


Research on Stretch and Sweeps To Make an Informed Decision

click here


Sick of People Asking if You've Gone into Labour



Registered Massage Therapist for Prenatal Massage

Ashley Reid RMT- click here

Mandy Ryan RMT- click here

BIrth and Baby Photographer 

Apple Blossom Families (Birth Photography) - click here

Brandi Mollica (baby photographer)- click here

Breast Feeding Support

La Leche League- click here

Brittney Kirton Lactation Consultant- click here

pregnancy loss

Pregnancy Loss Support

In Our Hearts:

  • for people in Vancouver who have experienced loss by miscarriage, termination, stillbirth, or neonatal death.

  • The monthly support group is FREE and is located at 3569 Commercial Street in Vancouver. click here